In the Philippines, mosquitoes are carriers of Dengue, Malaria and even the Zika virus. In a year, over 200,00 cases are reported. Although there are mosquito-control solutions, most of them are expensive.

Strategy + Solution

Tobacco plants produce nicotine to protect themselves from pests, including mosquitos. This same nicotine is found in cigarettes.

In partnership with the Taguig City Government, the agency designed NICO, an ashtray which extracts the nicotine from discarded cigarette butts and turns them into an organic pesticide for free. NICO was then placed in designated smoking areas around the city of Taguig, Philippines.

How it Works


NICO was able to provide free organic pesticide to schools and two neighborhoods, with a population of 94,000 people. It received highly-effective results and will soon be launching in 26 more neighborhoods across the Metro. With this project, we not only save millions of pesos in pest control, but millions of invaluable lives as well.

Detail Drawings